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How to Waive the Labor Market Impact Assessment

Emigrating efficient but pocket-friendly labor from the third world countries can be good for the health of a company. Sometimes, however, receiving a positive labor market impact assessment is not easy. Fret not. The experts of immigration lawyer Toronto can show you the ways where you can easily waive the need for the labor market impact assessment. The fact that you can waive the assessment does not mean that you can also waive the need to have a work permit. All the avenues that let you to waive the labor market impact assessment require the companies to get a permit for working in Canada legally.

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Significant Benefit

There are certain situations where you must obtain the labor market impact assessment report. But in other cases the visa officers of Canada are generally flexible in assessing the situation whether they should issue a work permit without any labor market impact assessment. This way is known as the significant social or cultural benefit to the officers of immigration lawyer Toronto. The officers check whether the foreign entity can offer significant expertise in their own field of work. The past endeavors of the foreign person are most important in gaining the acceptance of the visa application.

Self-Employed Persons

The exemption of the assessment is generally offered to the persons who want to enter Canada for a short time span, just to operate an existing business or to start a new business. The executives of immigration lawyer Toronto suggests that the person who already has applied for permanent Canadian residence may get the benefit of this opportunity.


The companies can transfer their workers internally without getting any labor market impact assessment. The worker required to be a manager or executive and the country that the company belongs to must have a good relationship with Canada.

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The immediate family of a worker who already got a Canadian work permit and work as a skilled labor do not need the labor market impact assessment.

French Speaking Workers

The executives of immigration lawyer Toronto advices that people who were recruited through the event known francophone immigration promotional which was coordinated in between the Francophone minority community and the federal government of Canada, do not need the labor market impact assessment.


The people who are working I the fields of academia do not the positive assessment for their visa to be granted.

Provincial exemption

Workers who got a permanent residence in a province of Canada and who also got a job offer could waive the assessment to become a factor in the visa process.

Reciprocal Employment and Charitable Work

The countries to which the government has a reciprocal employment agreement could waive the labor market impact assessment.  The executives of immigration lawyer Toronto can explain to you the nitty-gritties of the work that can be deemed as charitable. They can also help you to get a work permit for the charitable work in Canada. The people who work in the system of religion and spread the belief of religion in the community where he or she works can also apply for a Canadian visa without the labor market impact assessment.