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How Long the Sponsorship Process Take?

You have migrated to Canada some years back and now you are planning to bring your loved one to Canada. Well, IRCC allows permanent residents of Canada to bring their partner or other family members to Canada through sponsorship programs. Even a Canadian citizen can sponsor their family members to come and stay in Canada.

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Doing Away with the Uncertainty

Immigration lawyer states that nothing can be worse than staying without the family members or partner. Many people don’t know when they will be able to bring their loved ones to them and stay with them permanently.

At this point, many people might think that only married couples will be able to bring their spouse to them and stay together. However, it’s not the case. One can also sponsor their parents, grandparents, adopted or dependent child as well.

The Canadian government offers different kind of sponsorship programs. With the help of the various sponsorship programs, the permanent residents of Canada can easily bring their near and dear ones to Canada.


Different Kind of Sponsorship Programs

There are two common sponsorship programs available in Canada. They are:

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  • Family Class Sponsorship

It is a type of sponsorship program that allows a person to easily reunite with their families. In fact, the Canadian government allows a permanent resident or even a Canadian resident to sponsor their parents, grandparents, children, and others to come to Canada and gain permanent residence easily.

  • Spousal Sponsorship

Immigration lawyer points out that this kind of sponsorship program falls under the Family Class Sponsorship program, but spousal sponsorship immigration program is slightly different. It allows permanent resident of Canada to bring their foreign partner, such as common-law partner, conjugal partner, and marital partner to Canada.


Requirements for the Sponsorship Program

Before applying for a sponsorship program, one needs to follow some pre-requisites. They are:

Requirement for the Sponsor

  • The sponsor must be 18 years of age and must be a permanent resident of Canada.
  • The sponsor should not face any charge of serious offence.
  • The sponsor hasn’t sponsored anyone to Canada for the last 5 years.

Requirement for the Sponsored Person

  • Immigration lawyer states that the sponsored person must be 16 years of age.
  • The sponsored person must be closely related to the sponsor.

Time Frame

IRCC states that in order to process the sponsorship application 12 months is usually needed, from the date of receiving the application. However, the time can take much time if the application is not properly filled. Hence, it’s better for an applicant not to miss out any points of the sponsorship immigration form.

Immigration lawyer makes it clear that this doesn’t mean that the processing will go fast if the application is duly filled. It can also depend on the workload of the visa office at that particular point of time. Before submitting the form, it would be better if it’s reviewed by a professional lawyer.

In order to know about the processing time of family class sponsorship or spousal sponsorship program, consult a Immigration lawyer immediately. They will guide you through the entire process till the application gets approved. Read more about the overall expenses of Canadian Immigration here!